4 Easy Ways to Remove Rhinestones from Clothes

4 Easy Ways to Remove Rhinestones from Clothes

When rhinestones got misplaced on my T-shirt creations, I had to find an easy way to remove them again. So I searched for solutions and found there were several ways that you can do that, depending on the material your clothes are made off and which stones are attached. So, if you ever find yourself in the same situation, try these 4 easy ways to remove rhinestones from your clothes and other fabric.


When using this method, you must turn the dress inside out. Then placing a protective cloth on the back of the fabric where the rhinestones are. Turn on the steam of your iron and spread the steam. The heat and steam of the iron will soften the glue and make it possible to remove the stones. Please be carefully because the stones will be hot! Use a pair of tweezers as an aid. For this method you have to be quick because once the glue has cooled down, the effect is gone.

This is a very simple method, but does not work on all types of fabrics. If the rhinestones have come loose, but the glue has remained, use the following method to get rid of it.



Another method that is definitely worth a try, is using acetone. Also with this method preferably turn the fabric if possible. The purpose of using acetone is weakening the grip of the glue and then you can swoop in and remove both the rhinestones and the glue. If you have a spray bottle, then put acetone in it and spray a little on the back of the garment on the stones. Or if you don’t have a spray bottle, just use a cotton swab and dip one end in the acetone. Then use it on the glue area. When you do this enough (but don’t overdo it) the stones will lose their grip. Remove the glue from the front with a cotton cloth.

I found on the internet that nail polish remover is also a possibility but I found this method to be to dangerous for damaging the garment. It is best that you check whether your substance is resistant to such treatment. Do not use it on synthetic fabrics because they cannot stand it.

If the glue starts to become soft and gel-like as a result of the above methods, you can also try to remove it with a normal gum.


I don’t always feel completely at ease with the above methods, so then I reach for this method instead. I take a regular piece of soap and apply water and the soap at the area where the rhinestones are glued. I hold the sides of the fabric with rhinestones in the middle and rub them against each other. Normally, the rhinestones come off in a couple of minutes when doing it this way. There can still be some glue left sticking on your garment. But to remove that is easy. Just use your index finger nail or gum and scratch off the glue. Soap weakens the grip on fabric and will eventually release the glue. If you want to reuse those stones, you can do this by gluing them on again with a hotfix glue.

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If you don’t like any of previous methods or if you find that the products are too risky for use on your garment, buy an adhesive solvent yourself and try testing it first. There are many glue solvents on the market. Now apply it to both sides of the stones and leave it for a while (read the user manual). This should remove both the stones and the glue from your fabric.


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