How to make a T-shirt look better with HTV

How to make a T-shirt look better with HTV

Do you know that feeling: you have made a DIY T-shirt or sweatshirt, but something is missing. Or you still have a few shirts in your closet, but they all look a bit dull. Glitter HTV can offer a solution here.

By using HTV we can transform an everyday and monotonous shirt into beautiful unique piece that everyone is jealous of.

With the help of a glitter name and glitter heart, you transform every item from “average” to simply “beautiful”! Girls love it. They like to have glittering figures on their clothes so that they can show off. And if hearts are added, it will be completely extraordinary.

Collect the materials, tools and patterns and follow the instructions below. They will simply adore you!

Glitternaam en glitterhart Strijkapplicatie
Strijkapplicatie Glitter hart op roze sweatshirt

Tools you will need:

  • Cutting machine or scissors
  • weeding tool
  • Iron

Materials you will need:

  • glitter HTV
  • T-shirt or sweatshirt

Free download heart in svg

or pdf


  • peel off the excess material from the pattern (if this has not already been done)
  • place the designs in the desired location on the shirt and use your iron according to the instructions of the iron-on material

I believe that everyone can be creative with the necessary inspiration.

Do not miss this “unique” opportunity to capture children’s hearts. A glitter heart and glitter name on their favorite shirt.