How do I start sewing for beginners?

How do I start sewing for beginners?

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In my previous blog post I indicated what the basic necessities are that you will need to start with your first sewing project. But of course there are a number of things that we have to consider, if we want to start with a first sewing project.

Today I will elaborate on the following topics:

  • buying a sewing machine
  • self-made fashion magazines with patterns
  • fabric and sewing supplies


That is of course an important choice that you have to make yourself. At the time I was advised to start with a decent machine that had a number of basic functions, but also some extra functions. And I’m actually very happy about that. In this way it doesn’t scare you too much at the beginning. And after a while, people still have the opportunity to experiment with those nice extras.
Zigzag stitch sewing machine If you choose a solid brand and you want a more modern sewing machine with more options, you don’t have to buy all the accessories again. Today there are machines on the market with many computer-controlled functions. But the basis is and remains that a machine must be able to make a straight stitch as well as a zigzag.
Of course you should not spend too much on a first machine, if you do not know whether you will really like to make clothes yourself. But on the other hand, a cheap sewing machine doesn’t always suffocate. Be sure to keep this in mind when purchasing.
Choose a decent machine with basic functions and a few extras for not too much money

What is recommended is that the machine can make an automatic buttonhole. The thread threader is also handy (easy to get your thread through the needle) if the eyes no longer want to work well.
It is best to go to a local store and ask if you can try out some models or try to compare as many reviews on the internet as possible before making a purchase. Some well-known brands are: Bernina, Brother, Janome, Juke, Pfaff and Singer.

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There are many nice magazines for sale that contain patterns that you can easily draw or cut out, with an explanation of how you work when making the garment. Later you can possibly draw your own patterns. But to start with, I find the magazines the most useful. Burda, Burda Style and Burda Easy are well known, but you also have Knip, Diana, Simplicity and La Maison Victor and many others.
It is best to first determine your dimensions yourself. Because the sizes mentioned in the magazines are not always the normal clothing sizes.
In every magazine you will find a kind of workbook with information about the worksheets (patterns) and how you take your size, explanation about the drawings and the symbols used.


After you have decided what you want to make, you should first check the explanation in your home-made fashion magazine to see what kind of fabric is recommended to make that particular item of clothing. If you do not choose the right type of fabric, you can sometimes be faced with unpleasant surprises. If you are going to use a pattern suitable for a jersey fabric with silk, this will not give the desired result!

Good tip : Always check which fabric is suitable for which pattern!

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As a beginner it is best to buy something plain or a fabric with motifs that will not stand out quickly if you were to go awry. Also check which sewing supplies (thread, zipper, buttons, etc.) you will need. If you buy fabric and sewing supplies together, you can immediately see if it fits well together. There are lots of stores where you can go for fabrics as well as haberdashery.