How to make cheap clothes look expensive

How to make cheap clothes look expensive

How to make cheap clothes look expensive

I was looking for a way to make my cheap clothes look expensive and came across, what I found three nice and easy solutions. Let’s check it out together!

An absolute eye-opener for me was when I found out that you can apply rhinestones on your own shirts, clothes, bags and even shoes. And you can do it all by yoursefl.  It looked like a fun thing to do besides the positive effect it would have on my outfit. So, I wanted to learn more about it and share it with you.

1. BY USING rhinestones

what are rhinestones?

Well rhinestones are made of glass but in such a way that they give a nice shine so they look like real gems. The front is facetted glass. And the more facets the glass gets, the more shine.

The back of hotfix stones should be mirrored with a silver coating to reflect light, just as mirrors should be coated with silver to reflect reflections. Without the coating, a flat back piece is no more than a piece of transparent glass of any shape that does not reflect light except for the surface.

The back is in a gray, black or green color. If you look closely, you can see that there has already been added glue to the flat surface. Since there is glue on the stones, you only need to apply heat to adhere them to fabric or other materials.

By the way rhinestones are called strass in Belgium and Netherlands as in many other European languages. Both are used interchangeably. There is also a size chart for rhinestones.

Rhinestones on clothing and shoes


There are various methods to do this. It can be done with an iron or a hotfix applicator. It can be done with rhinestone templates and transfers. In some of my next blog posts I will go deeper into this:


The second method which is pretty neat is to apply a nice design in glitter HTV. This immediately gives a shiny effect to your outfit and makes it stand out. It makes an ordinary T-shirt in an incredible one. It gives so many opportunities. Only ones imagination is the limit, I would say.

What is glitter HTV?

Another nice way to give your clothes that extra touch, is the use of glitter HTV.

Glitter htv is a glittery material that can be used on fabric to create stunning, radiant creations. Glitter htv contains real glitter flakes encapsulated in a high-quality heat-seal adhesive and is available in many colors. It can easily be cut with an scissors orwith a cutting machine such as silhouette cameo or cricut..

Glitter HTV adheres to cotton, uncoated polyester, fabric blends, wool and linen. You can make very beautiful creations, for example to T-shirts or children’s clothes very original.

How can you apply glitter htv to make your clothes look more expensive?

Glitter htv attaches itself easily. It is best applied with a heat press but it can also be applied using a simple iron. I have made an entire article for you to explain in more dept. Please check it out.

patches op jeans


Buy iron-on patches for a quick and easy new look for your jean jacket or denim jeans. They don’t require a stiching machine and are very easy to do. You just need an iron for this. Kids also just love these patches and find them even “cool”.

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