Buying a Sewing Machine for Beginners : Best Guide

Buying a Sewing Machine for Beginners : Best Guide

Are you a beginner who needs any help while buying a sewing machine? Perhaps you have begun sewing on the borrowed device and need to purchase a sewing machine for the first time. Maybe you are thinking of upgrading your present machine to anything which will assist you in expanding your sewing.

For a lot of people, purchasing a machine is quite demanding because even budget-friendly machines have features that you cannot know. You must know what you do not need nowadays but may want as your sewing advances. With a lot of price ranges, brands, stitches, and features, it is difficult to know where to take a start.

A Guide for buying a sewing machine

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When thinking of a budget to buy a machine, my advice is to prefer quality over bell and whistles. It will vary on the budget that eventually includes the features.
Search for the best deal on an excellent used machine if you have a minimal budget. There are several options available that can help you save money. Different manufacturers of sewing machines are making amazing machines nowadays. The aspect to know about these machines is that they are lightweight and many portions are made of plastic.


When you set your budget, you can begin determining some features that you would love to have on the machine. The first query that appears in your mind will be the stitches number present on a machine.
The primary thing is not to be attracted by the stitches number; however, you should prefer a machine that involves the stitches you will really use.
You need only two stitches for sewing well, a Zig Zag Stitch, and a Straight Stitch. There are some extra stitches and features of stitches that I consider making sewing a bit nicer.

Special Features

A lot of machines have some fantastic features that make sewing great fun.
Needle Up/Down: It offers you to stop the needle both in the up or down place that simplifies turning fabric and pivoting.

Needle Threader: The high-cost machines can have an automatic needle threader, whereas the budget machines have semi-automatic threader.

Adjustment of Needle Position: Present on high-budget machines but accessible on pocket-friendly machines. Permits you to rotate the needle either right or left—best for topstitching and zippers.

Adjustable Speed Control: Allows you to alter how slow or fast you sew—best for delicate fabrics.

Automatic Cutter: A lot of machines consist of an electronic cutter. You need to do is press a button, and the thread is cut. See this on multiple devices. Some are best when compared to others.

Lighting: Lighting has significantly improved on most of the machines. Check the light to make sure that you can see what you are sewing.

Free Arm: A detachable part from the deck, which permits you to slip anything narrow (such as a sleeve) below the needle. Occasionally double as a removable accessory storage box on the machine front.

Knee Lifter: This feature was only present on high-end and expensive machines, but now available on normal-priced machines—best for sharp corners and curves.

Feet and Attachments

The feet and attachments will be particular to what you are planning to sew. The quilters will need a ¼” foot, spring action, and Walking Foot. Some garment professionals may search for a button attaching foot, buttonhole foot, overcast stitching foot, and zipper foot.
Multiple machines have all of the feet, but the low-priced devices may not have a great diversity of specialty feet. Highly expensive machines can have a great selection. The other thing to see is the cost of feet and accessories. Some manufacturers are charging 30 dollars to 50 dollars for the feet.

Computerized or Mechanical

Sewing is all about moving the needle up and down. How best a machine can perform, it depends on what is present in that machine.
Mechanical machines need to operate simple and are not bulky because they have no computer. They need the least maintenance. If kept oiled and clean, they will work forever, making it the perfect choice for anyone on a budget.
Every time, a computerized machine can sew the best straight stitch. The high-end devices will be computerized, and it simplifies programmable stitch sequence, buttonhole, stitch length, and stitch selection.

Final Verdict

Before going to buy a sewing machine, I suggest you see different manufacturers online. With a little about the manufacturers and company, your sewing machine can assist in matching you to the best machine and permit you to make an informed decision. You can also go to your local shop and ask for advice and to test out some of their machines. Personnaly, I am very satisfied with my machine which is a Janome. I have had it for years and it has never let me down.