How to make a mouth mask easy?

How to make a mouth mask easy?

Corona times… unseen and unreal what is happening in the world today!

In this blog post I am going to show you how to make a simple mouth mask which is light and reusable. Because one of the things that was clear quite quickly is that we are short of mouth masks. If there are still mouth masks available, they cost 10 times more than usual. I would like to contribute and do something. How do you make a mouth mask to protect ourselves and our loved ones and others who need them badly? We can cut and stitch it out of cotton fabric. Of course these masks are not medical masks because medical masks are only good for 1 to 2 hours and then they have to be thrown away. But if we make them in cotton, as in our case, they can be washed at high temperatures and you don’t have to throw them away. These mouth masks are simple and can also be made by beginners. Are you a beginner and would you like to know what you need to start with sewing projects, I have made a blog post for you about making clothes yourself: how do you start? What do you need?

Making a mouth mask for beginners: what do we need?

  • Cotton fabric, woven or tricot. that does not matter, as long as the fabrics can be washed at high temperatures
  • Elastic that also can be washed at these high temperatures or cotton ribbons. You can make cotton bias that we fold and stitch together
  • patterned paper or other thin paper
  • paper scissors and fabric scissors
  • pins
  • possibly chalk or something to mark your seam value with
  • a tape measure or ruler
  • yarn
  • a sewing machine
  • an iron

Method (with elastic rubber bands)

  • make a pattern out of paper with the following dimensions: 20 – 17 cm
  • place the pattern on the fabric and cut out with 1 cm seam allowance
  • cut 2 more pieces of fabric of 10 * 3 cm with 1 cm seam allowance
  • cut out elastic bands (max. 1 cm wide) with a length of 15 cm
Mondmasker knippen
  • fold the 2 longest ends of your piece of fabric in 1 cm and fold in again
  • pin in place
  • iron these flat
  • make pleats in the middle of the fabric: first pleat at 5 cm
    2nd and 3rd pleat at 3cm
  • iron these folds flat
  • stitch the pleated ends with a straight stitch
  • place the pieces of fabric wrong side up on the nice side of the piece of fabric
  • stitch it with a straight stitch
  • double fold and sew
Mondmasker stikken
Mondmasker met elastiek maken
  • take 2 elastic bands of 15 cm
  • place it on both sides on the wrong side of the mask
  • attach the elastic band by stitching back and forth over it (stitch on the same stitchings of your seam to make it look nicer)

This way you can easily make a mouth mask that can help protect yourself and others. I wish everyone a lot of strength in these difficult times and I also thank all people in the healthcare sector for their incredible commitment and persistence.

Whilst sitting at home, if you want to know more about how to make the best choices for your first sewing project, I wrote this blog post especially for you “How to start sewing for beginners?” and “How to start making your own clothes?”

Definitely check it out!